On behalf of the Original Highlands Neighborhood Association (OHNA), and our President Ralph Melbourne, we would like to provide clarification regarding the proposed placement of speed bumps.  Rufer Ave passed its traffic study and was approved for speed bumps, pending balloting.  Hepburn and Highland Avenues failed their studies and were not approved to move forward to balloting. The city also informed that the Hepburn and Highland studies could not be rerun for at least another year.

Not satisfied with the results and unwilling to wait another year to re-submit, our President collaborated with District 8 Councilwoman Cassie Armstrong Chambers to impress upon the city the importance of this project to our neighborhood, including an offer from the Councilwoman to fund the project. As a result of this successful pushback, the city changed course and we are hopeful that our neighborhood will serve as a pilot program for other neighborhoods seeking greater autonomy over the safety of their streets.

What does this mean for residents:

  1. The city has approved placement of speed bumps on Hepburn and Highland Avenues, so long as 85% of balloted residents vote in favor.
  2. Rufer Avenue passed its traffic study and will only require 70% of balloted residents for speed bump placement.
  3. We need your help in balloting these residents. Specifically, each “dwelling unit” will get a vote, so one vote for single family residences and one vote for each unit of a multi-family home.

We hope residents see the importance of this proposed measure in slowing down speeders, reducing noise, and making these streets safer for all;  children, walkers, pets.  Those wanting to take part in the upcoming “Knock, Talk, Sign” campaign, please contact Leslie McCabe at mccabe.l@att.net.   Most importantly, we greatly thank you for your support as we work to make our neighborhood safer for all.  Additionally, the OHNA is fortunate to host Jeffrey Brown to discuss this very issue on behalf of our metro government at our November 21st general meeting, held at 6:30 pm within Highland Community Ministries located at 1228 E. Breckinridge Street.  Please feel free to join, as we welcome you!

OHNA Executive Board

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