May 2022 Meeting Agenda

Original Highlands Neighborhood Association

Highland Community Ministries
1228 E. Breckinridge Street
May 23, 2022
6:30 PM

Meeting called by: Regular Monthly Meeting

Board Attendees: Mandy Bliss, Elizabeth Jones Brown, Greg Fleck, Christy Grass, Vance Jaeger, Amy Luckett, Leslie McCabe (Secretary), Ralph Melbourne (President) Holly Neeld (Vice President), Donald Rios (Treasurer), Jim Schorch, Jimmy Soto



6:30 PM

Administrative Issues (Ralph Melbourne)

  • Official appointment to UGC
  • Address updated By-laws, propose motion

6:35 PM

Old Business

  • Discuss general meeting for public: set date

6:50 PM

Treasure’s Report (Donald Rios)

  • Monthly finance review

6:55 PM

Crime Report (Darrin Riddle)

  • Monthly crime statistics

7:00 PM

New Business / Votes

  • Board committee updates: 5 min overview / per committee

Letter/email? Please elaborate on Action item #5 via April agenda.
Newsletter? How are we expanding communication reach in neighborhood?

paperwork submittal for speed humps
“walk about” with public works/Cassie Armstrong


Neighborhood Trivia May 26th:  O’Shea’s
Block Party Date