March 2022 Meeting Agenda

Original Highlands Neighborhood Association

Highland Community Ministries
1228 E. Breckinridge Street
March 21, 2022
6:30 PM

Meeting called by: Regular Monthly Meeting

Board Attendees: Mandy Bliss, Elizabeth Jones Brown, Greg Fleck, Christy Grass, Vance Jaeger, Amy Luckett, Leslie McCabe (Secretary), Ralph Melbourne (President) Holly Neeld (Vice President), Donald Rios (Treasurer), Jim Schorch, Jimmy Soto


Guests: Councilwoman Cassie Armstrong Chambers (tentative), Sgt. Jones from the 5th Division (tentative)

6:30 PM

Administrative Issues (Ralph Melbourne)

  • Logistics of committee business, meetings, minutes, and group communication

6:35 PM

Old Business

  • Formal revision of the Bylaws
  • Committee selection announcement
  • Committee Chair Discussion and Formal Appointments

6:50 PM

Treasure’s Report (Donald Rios)

  • Monthly finance review

6:55 PM

Crime Report (Darrin Riddle)

  • Monthly neighborhood crime review

7:00 PM

Tentative Guests

  • Councilwoman Chambers Armstrong – – Discussion of Bardstown Road Project and Late-Night Operator Proposal
  • Sgt. Jones from the 5th Division – – Introduction and discussion with proposed questions

7:00 PM

New Business / Votes

  • Board Retreat – – Discussion of hosting a retreat vs. requiring each committee to call a meeting and set goals for 2022 to be reported and discussed at the April Regular OHNA Board Meeting.