OHNA April Board Meeting Minutes

Original Highlands Neighborhood Association – 04/19/21 

Present at the meeting: Holly Neeld, Jim Schorch, Elizabeth Jones, Greg Fleck, Don Rios, Amy Luckett, Ralph Melbourne, Doug Potsinger 

Meeting started at 6:35 PM 

Secretary Report (Holly) 

– Minutes were approved from last meeting 

Treasury Report – Don 

– Check cleared to Greg Fleck – holiday supplies 

– Quarterly report for JP Morgan account – $116.11 loss 

– Amy/Holly will be assigned as payee’s at the next meeting. 

– Christy to be a payee for website expenses 

Neighborhood Cleanup – Amy 

– Amy is trying to share the flyer on the Facebook event. 

– We already have supplies from the last cleanup provided by Brightside – Doug has them at his home. 

– Doug will share flyers with other businesses and Amy will bring them to him. 

*Update as of 04/22/21 – the OHNA Neighborhood Cleanup will now take place on Sunday, April 25th 

Tree Committee (Greg and Jim) 

– Jim is encouraging everyone to consider being part of the tree committee. – From the survey, 8-10 trees are dying in the neighborhood. Jim had a conversation with Barry, the surveyor, and she said that Derby weekend is the final weekend for planting trees that could remain viable. She also said we have several trees available to us for free. 

– MSD has funds available to us for spending on trees. 

– We have stumps that are impeding our ability to plant new trees. Stump removal by Terry’s Tree Service is around $800 per stump. 

– City ordinance says it’s the homeowner’s responsibility to remove dead trees. – $200 per stump is what Jim is suggesting for allotment for tree stump removal. 

– Greg – Barry (New metro forester) is new and is more restrictive on what we can do with trees/removal/etc. Barry has identified many dead trees, and it is Greg’s suggestion to ask City Works to put trees back where they took them out. $240 on every tree by MSD would be our reimbursement. Netted $2800 last year (most money in the 5 years tree program has been in existence).Proposal is to match the amount the homeowner would put up to get a tree out to expedite the tree removal.

– Motion to approve the use of tree funds in the tree account to fund half of the cost of the removal of the 13 trees and/or stumps identified by the city forester this year not to exceed $2850.00. Greg made the motion and Amy seconds. Motion approved. 

– Don suggests we have a contract to produce for homeowners so we can collect the funds from the homeowner. 

– Rootball dolley $95 for the tree committee – Greg would like to have this paid for by OHNA. 

Newsletter (Greg) 

– Items that will be included in the newsletter will be trees and tree agenda; Neighborhood cleanup. 

– Target is May 10th for the release of the newsletter. 

Other Business 

Graffiti on the Highland Island – Elizabeth 

– Elizabeth has been made aware of graffiti on the Highland Island. Greg said Ralph Weibel is our graffiti person and Greg will give him a call to take care of it. 

Mike Farmer – Don 

– Mike has been taking care of the island for 3 years. He cuts the grass once per week at $25 per cut. It will cost us roughly $600- $700 per year to have him continue to care for the island. The board approved this. 

Sidewalks – Holly 

– Greg wants Holly to take a look at the sidewalks and take pictures of them at 1329-1321 Highland 

– Holly shared that she has sent any photographs of damaged/dilapidated sidewalks with Cassie Armstrong, who has sent them onto Craig Allen who’s in charge of sidewalk repair with City Works. He’s going to find out if any of the locations Holly shared (primarily along Christy Ave, Morton Ave, and Edward Ave) have already been cited for needing repair. 

Speed Humps – Elizabeth 

– Speed humps you need 60% homeowner participation in order to get speed humps but you can’t be near a fire station. Not sure how that would impact Highland and Hepburn. 

Don made a motion to adjourn. Seconded by Elizabeth. The meeting adjourned at 7:41 PM.

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