Minutes from August Meeting

OHNA 8/16/21 Meeting Minutes
Meeting kicked off at 6:34 pm
Board Members Present:
Ralph Melbourne
Amy Flint – standing in for Doug Petsinger
Don Rios
Greg Fleck
Christy Grass
Elizabeth Jones Brown
Amy Luckett (via Zoom)
Holly Neeld (via Zoom)
Mandy Bliss (via Zoom)
Darrin Riddle – LMPD Liaison
Board Members Absent:
Jim Schorch
Others in attendance:
Owners of The Outlook Inn – names possibly Ralph and Linda Bridgers and daughter and
Owner Pat O’Shea of O’Shea’s and representative Sean (last name unknown) of O’Shea’s
Baxter’s 942 representatives – owner Erick Strnatka, possibly two managers, and one additional
owner (name unknown)
Molly Malone’s representatives – possibly Brendan McCartan
Neighborhood members – Phillip Brown, Karen Rios via Zoom, Leslie McCabe via Zoom
LMPD Lieutenant King
ABC Investigators R.T. Watkins and Andre Bottoms
City Presentation – Councilwoman Cassie Chambers Armstrong
Cassie hears our concerns. A community wide meeting next week on August 23rd will be taking
place to discuss our concerns with the Highlands as a whole. Lt. King will be present.
A new Ambassador program is coming to the Highlands. These individuals serve to be a
positive presence in the neighborhood. They are there to help make the community better. Paid
for with federal stimulus dollars so this is at no cost to the neighborhood businesses.
Safety updates – Cassie is looking into better lighting, structural changes, security cameras for
areas of the neighborhood. Also, feedback cameras to help cut down on noisy vehicular traffic.
Update from Lt. King – City is short 300 police officers. No full time traffic patrol officer in the 5th
division at the moment.
Elizabeth asks for guidance for directing private property owners of commercial spaces to be
better citizens. We can let Cassie know who will let Codes know because they can be cited.
Elizabeth asks if trespassing on a private property owner’s property is considered a criminal or
civil offense.
Mandy asks:

  1. What has the conversation with Dalhem been like, and where do things stand?
    According to Cassie, Dalhem has tried to hire private security but has been unable to be
    successful in doing so. Officer King says this is a staffing issue. The police are blocking off
    areas so they don’t have to check on them as often and have the ability to address other issues.
    Police Presentation – Lieutenant King, Louisville Metro Police Department
    The Highlands are condensed, and the violence is impacting the whole city. 34% above where
    we were last year. Lt. King says the police are understaffed. On a good night, they have seven
    officers for our area. Right now, they’re focusing on being a “presence” in the neighborhood.
    King has a meeting with the bars each week to give them the facts of what we’re dealing with
    and what they’ve received complaints on so the bars have a heads up and a chance to take
    corrective action.
    The shootings aren’t happening in the bars – he believes it’s individuals looking for trouble.
    Christy asks what we can do as citizens to help out.
    King feels that closing at 2am might help, but it’s going to require everyone (all of the bars and
    other late night businesses) to be on the same page.
    ABC Investigators Presentation – R.T. Watkins and Andre Bottoms
    Don asks if the guests are allowed to be drinking on the sidewalks? The answer is the owner
    should be addressing that. You cannot drink on the sidewalk. They said that your best bet is to
    address it yourself (the bar owner) as best you can.
    There was a question regarding Bardstown Rd’s designation as a state highway and what the
    implications are of that in terms of activity.
    Ralph asks what happens with the complaints made on bars? If ABC gets there, they can issue
    Christy asks what citizens should do with noise complaints. Investigator says to call LMPD, and
    tell them the noise is coming from the bar and they send ABC. Police can also write ABC
    Motion to support 2am closing – Elizabeth Jones Brown
    Owner of Baxter’s speaks – closing at 2am would cut out about 4-5K in sales. He feels closing at
    3am is a fair compromise.
    Don feels that closing at 2:00 AM isn’t the bulk of sales for most bars. Baxter’s owner says the
    bulk of sales come from the 11:30 to 2:30am time slot.
    Elizabeth clarifies that the motion tonight is for the purpose of drafting a letter to the metro
    council stating our position as a neighborhood association. Metro Council will then vote on it,
    and whatever the outcome, it would be city wide.
    Discussion takes place between meeting participants regarding the motion.
    Ralph asks who is committing these crimes?
    The motion to support a 2:00 AM bar closure was approved.
    Secretary’s Report – Holly Neeld
    7/19/21 minutes will be approved via email since they were sent out the day of this meeting.
    Treasurer’s Report – Donald Rios
    Checking Account – $10, 225.93
    JP Morgan Chase Account – $30,845.76
    Total Assets – $41,071.69
    Checks written to:
    ● Mike Farmer – $50 island maintenance
    ● Greg Fleck – $225 trees and trailer
    ● USPS – $146 PO Box renewal
    Total of $7,098.50 of OHNA assets are earmarked for the OHNA Tree Initiative. See treasurer
    for a detailed breakdown of each year.
    Tree Committee Report – Greg Fleck
    Tree project has been changed by MSD. They took the cap on the trees and lowered it from 8k
    to 4800. That’s 34 trees down to 20. Greg shared with Barry his concerns and Barry said she
    can provide up to 50 trees but there are qualifications.
    $2400 in checks for tree removal and stumps.
    Apartment complex at the corner of Breckinridge and Rubel wants 10 trees.
    Anything prior to the 16th of September cannot be included in the expenses for MSD.
    16th of October is the tree planting day.
    Crime Report – Darrin Riddle
    Original Highlands Neighborhood Crime Report for July 15, 2021 – August 14, 2021
    There were 19 total incidents including 6 acts of Vandalism, 5 cases of Auto Theft, 3 Assaults, 2
    Thefts from Auto, and one each of Theft, Burglary, and Homicide. There were no cases of
    With 19 total incidents, this is a 46% decrease from last month and a 30% decrease from last
    year. The 6-month average is 23 incidents. Tuesday had the most reported incidents. Bardstown
    Rd had the most incidents. Within the neighborhood boundaries, there were 4 reported incidents
    on July 27 and 3 incidents on July 28.
    Meeting adjourned at 8:43pm

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