Minutes from July Meeting

OHNA Meeting 07/19/21
Meeting began 6:39 pm
Present at meeting:
Elizabeth Jones Brown
Holly Neeld
Don Rios
Darrin Riddle
Amy Luckett
Ralph Melbourne
Jim Schorch
Greg Fleck
Mandy Bliss
Amy Flint, representing Doug Petsinger
Neighborhood Members Present:
Leslie McCabe
Philip “OP” Flarsheim

Secretary’s Report – Holly
June 2021 meeting minutes approved
Treasurer’s Report – Don
In our accounts:
● 10,646.93 (Checking)
● 30,845.76 (JP Morgan) – 10% increase in 2nd quarter – strong mutual fund!
3 checks paid out:
● Mike Farmer check $50 for care of island
● Christy Grass
● Greg purchased trailer for $225
We really only have one line item for trees in the checking account, so we should be thinking
about a fundraiser for the neighborhood association.
Crime Report – Darrin Riddle
35 incidents total – hitting every category of activity (one homicide). Some incidents were:
● 1 robber
● 1 burglary
● 11 assaults
8 different incidents across the neighborhood boundaries – mostly on Baxter with assault,
robbery, theft-auto
Neighborhood member Leslie McCabe has agreed to call Dahlem to address Walgreens parking
lot parties.
Ralph ran crime-mapping – 76% are after midnight, 83% occur on Baxter
In an effort to get police to be present at our meetings, Greg suggested meeting on another
night so as not to conflict with police. Elizabeth will reach out to Dave Allen, new Major of the
5th Division, to find a good night for them to attend our meeting.
Ralph brings up Plan 2040.
Don suggests inviting the bar owners to attend the meeting
Amy Luckett asks what constitutes a public nuisance. Ralph confirms that any ordinance
violation constitutes, and Ralph suggests documentation. Elizabeth states that there really
needs to be a physical address associated with the complaints in order to have police backing.
Darrin points out that the crime report comparison to last year is a 27% decrease.
Tree Committee Update – Jim and Greg
Grant request submitted – $8k. Heat islands – 1500 block of Christy and 1400 block of
Breckinridge – are the focus of the grant request.
Jim needs Greg to become the tree chair – motion approved (made by Elizabeth and seconded
by Jim).
Upcoming Dates
● Neighborhood Nights – this Friday, July 23rd
● District 8 Cleanup – Saturday, July 24th 10 am. Elizabeth will be at PG&J’s passing out
Urban Government Center Update- Jim
Project budget gap of $14 million. The city and Underhill Associates are still having discussions
around how to close this funding gap.
Jeff O’Brian (Louisville Forward) and Shannon Musselman of Paristown Point Neighborhood
Association – Jim met with them. We are waiting to hear what will happen with the property once
the city and Underhill come to a decision.
Neighborhood Trash Discussion – Jay Stottman
Archeologist – studies trash and is paid by the neighborhood bars to clean up the neighborhood

  • Flanagan’s, O’Sheas, Molly’s and Baxter’s. Now O’Shea’s, Wick’s and Molly’s. His focus is a
    clean up for the neighbors – not so much the businesses.
    Route is Highland, Hepburn, Christy, Breckinridge (down to Edward), Baxter corridor from
    Broadway to Winter, Cherokee Rd. Between Grinstead and Broadway, school parking lots and
    allies that are directly behind the businesses along the Baxter corridor.
    Jay teaches, and his class did a study on neighborhood trash. They collected at different times
    and also did an ethnographic study to complement it.
    His ultimate conclusion and final approach is that we need to change the way we think about
    litter by stopping the focus on “who” and focus instead on getting rid of it. Jay sends a report to
    the businesses who are part of the litter program to alert them to their litter issues.
    Amy advocates again for a trash can in front of Baxter’s 942
    Meeting concluded at 8:20pm

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