June 2021 Meeting Minutes

OHNA June 21st Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 6:35pm

Present at Meeting

Elizabeth Jones Brown Christy Grass
Don Rios
Holly Neeld

Ralph Melbourne
Greg Fleck
Amy Luckett
Amy Flint – standing in for Doug Petsinger Mandy Bliss – present on the phone Darrin Riddle – LMPD Liaison


Jim Schorch Nate Knopf

Neighbors in attendance

Leslie McCade
Marianne Elgin
Tom Elgin
Dale (last name unknown) Vance Yaeger

Ralph Yibel – graffiti buster

Secretary’s Report – Holly Neeld

Minutes for 5/17 approved

Treasurer Report – Don Rios

$185.34 – check to Greg tools for trees and mulch
$120 – Mike Farmer for taking care of the Highland island
11,202.27 in checking
27,643.18 savings
Total 38,845.45
Greg – wheel came off on interstate on his trailer. He’d like to buy Mike Farmer’s mulch trailer to replace his own trailer. Don says we should make a motion to approve. He said he and Greg can take a look at it. They’ll do an email motion to approve.

Crime Report – Darrin Riddle

May 15- June 14

8 assaults
3 auto theft
No burglaries, no robberies and no homicides
13 thefts
Saturday – Wednesday bulk of activity
Bardstown Rd had 7 incidents
May 26 and 29th had 4 incidents
Thefts are up since last year
17% increase from last period, 9% over last year, 6 month average 17 to 19 incidents.
Leslie encourages us all to report to the police b/c that actually gets more police into the neighborhood. Reports can be filed online if it’s non-violent.
Greg feels there hasn’t been the same sense of accountability and responsibility when it comes to safety with the bars.
Leslie has asked if anyone has been going to the businesses to have regular conversations to welcome them and let them know what our expectations are for the neighborhood. Unanimously decided we’ll draft a letter and hand deliver it to the businesses in an effort to develop relationships and set expectations.

Banners – Greg Fleck

$400 originally the cost
We need someone to file a claim for destroyed banners with LG&E.
Polls are owned by either Verizon, LG&E, AT&T, so we’d need permission. We need to find someone to reach out to these companies to a) get permission and b) get reimbursement. Amy doesn’t mind helping, but we need to be strategic in our approach. Ralph says we shouldn’t poke the bear and is happy to review the ordinance.

Newsletter – Greg Fleck

Nothing new to report

Tree Committee – Greg Fleck

Greg noticed several trees in the neighborhood that have been placed incorrectly and they need to be corrected.
4 trees at 1508 Hepburn have been chainsawed down. Elizabeth and Leslie ask what the consequences are of doing that. Not sure that we can because we’d have to do a MOA transfer. We did get paid for trees by MSD – stump removals will be part of that and the amount will be $8K. Greg proposes full tree removal to not occur until we get paid for it.

Vance is looking into being the “Tree Manager.” Barry the city forester will be at our next meeting.

Website – Christy Grass

We have one! OriginalHighlands.com
Christy asks everyone for recommendations, ideas for website, knowledge about WordPress. Nate is working on a Google account for our organization so we don’t have to worry about our personal contact info.

Amy suggested we have a historical section to create a photo archive.

Neighborhood Nights – Elizabeth Jones Brown

Trolley stops will become less frequent and there will be two trollies. Highland Ave will be a stop.
More of a festival feel with music at Eastern and Bardstown Rd.

Concerns addressed by neighbor Leslie McCade

Vacant properties – the hotel is still happening at the corner of Baxter and Breckinridge Urban Government Center
She expresses concern over lack of communication and lack of information on the neighborhood.
Suggiestons: Need more participation in the neighborhood; Need a “liaison” for the neighborhood
Leslie is willing to be the person to talk to the businesses.

Trash – Rep from Cassie’s office (Caitlin) here to discuss trash concerns for the neighborhood
Christy asks the rep why aren’t the businesses being held more accountable. Someone responded and said 5 years ago there was an effort to keep things clean.

Caitlin thinks something could come out officially from Cassie’s office. Codes also came out and cited several properties, also more street sweeping has been requested.
Greg says he sees Baxter 942 blow their trash into the alleys. This will be brought up to Cassie. Don says it’s more than the businesses. He thinks it’s mostly the kids that come in and clean out their car on their way home. He wants everyone to help out – neighbors, businesses.

Amy mentioned to the new GM of Flanigan’s our concern about the trash. She’s willing to attend some of our meetings.
Caitlin left the meeting at 6:45pm
Christy is wondering if more trash bins in front of the businesses would help.

Greg says some of the businesses have incorrect sized dumpsters.
Ralph brings up the Compact idea again so businesses have skin in the game. Elizabeth says lets start with a friendly neighborhood letter and visit.

Next Meeting

July 19 6:30 is the next meeting. It will be at Flanigan’s Ale House.

Meeting adjourned 8:23pm

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