May 2021 Meeting Minutes

OHNA Meeting Minutes for May 17, 2021

Present – Elizabeth Jones Brown (President), Christy Grass (Vice President), Donald Rios (Treasurer), Holly Neeld (Secretary), Jim Schorch, Greg Fleck, Amy Luckett, Doug Potsinger, Ralph Melbourne, Nate Knopf, Darrin Riddle (LMPD Liason), Phillip Brown (community member/former board member), and Jay Luckett (Guest Speaker – Louisville Metro Government)

Absent – Mandy Bliss Meeting began at 6:34 PM.



Report- (Darrin)

  • –  30 total incidents – norm for May timeframe (see crime report)
  • –  Last 5 months have seen decrease on the 6 month average
  • –  50% increase over last year (due to low numbers from COVID-19 last year)
  • –  Assault and theft from auto are common themes in the neighborhood
  • –  Greg says the wall at Highland island has been vandalized a few times.Darrin asks if there are any cameras at that intersection or in that area orif they’ve been reported to LMPD.
  • –  Don says the tag has been “bloke.”
  • –  Don asks if the burglaries have been close in proximity. On April 15th andApril 17th – one at East Broadway and 800 Barret Ave.
  • –  Jim says LMPD is starting to ticket cars more often that are sitting nearthe intersections. City ordinance says can’t park any closer than 30 feet from the stop sign. There’s concern over parking availability amongst neighbors, especially on the weekends. Darrin says it must be in the areas of Breckinridge/Rubel/Christy because it’s not happening over by Winter Ave. Darrin says it has been a discussion in the past to start ticketing more often.
  • –  Greg brings up the issue with sight lines with parking on the street
  • –  Holly brings up Ralph’s idea of parking permits and paid parking
  • –  Ralph states the issue is lack of enforcement
  • –  Jim suggests a forum on parking in August (with Cassie) and haveneighbors there. Doug thinks we should have it earlier.
  • –  Donald is not in favor of parking permits. Amy agrees and thinks theseissues are more Highlands wide. Greg is also not in favor of permits and truly feels that identifying the intersections with paint would better inform the parker and subsequently result in greater public safety.
  • –  Elizabeth offers to reach out to Cassie to see what it would take to get paint for parking completed in our neighborhood.

– Darrin included a note in the chat regarding 1051 Barret Ave Apt 1. This is a suspected drug house and neighbors have been harassed by people living there. Cassie has been informed of this issue and is following up on it with Darrin.

Secretary’s Report- (Holly)

  • –  Minutes have been approved for April’s meeting
  • –  Holly brings up the idea again of having an OHNA gmail account forsending out emails to the board as well as for collecting minutes.
  • –  Elizabeth states that we’ll be uploading these to the website once it’s ready.Treasurer’s Report- (Donald)
  • –  No income/no expenses for this period
  • –  11,387.27 checking
  • –  27,643.18 JP Morgan
  • –  Grand total in OHNA assets $39,030.45
  • –  Christy cashed her check
  • –  Mike Farmer (island maintenance) 1st bill has arrived for $100. Don wrote him a check and Elizabeth will be the second signer.
  • –  Greg purchased tree equipment (2 carriers, dolley and 1 load of mulch). $7k is set aside for trees within OHNA funds and the refund to Greg will come from the tree dollars that are earmarked.Website (Christy)
  • –  Not close to being finished. It’s a bit more detailed and complex thanoriginally anticipated.
  • –  Christy is trying to figure out the website and how to best organize it.
  • –  Elizabeth is offering up the board’s support in helping Christy to get thewebsite completed.Old BusinessNewsletter (Greg)

– Sarah and James Corne are supposed to help out but we’re waiting to hear

back from them to get the newsletter started.

Highland Island graffiti (Greg) – No notes for this section.

Tree Report (Jim)
– 10 trees needed to be replaced, and the city (Barry Edgar, the new city

forester) donated high quality trees and gathered volunteers to get trees planted.

  • –  It’s tree season and time to be thinking about the tree program. Jim let the group know that the tree program coordination will be limited due to his limited time. The board has two options: get a new tree chair or Jim can continue to assume the role and do his best.
  • –  Christy suggests we present this opportunity during the general meeting portion of our meeting.
  • –  Greg says we have issues with the city taking out trees when repaving sidewalks. Neighbors Mr. Vance Yaegar as well as Randy Wolfe are interested in being more involved with the tree committee.
  • –  There are 10 trees left that need to be replaced.
  • –  Around late summer, people can request trees to be planted.New BusinessParking enforcement (Elizabeth and Jim)

– There is a city ordinance to implement neighborhood parking and Old

Louisville has already implemented neighborhood parking.

General Meeting

Speaker: Jay Luckett of the city’s Planning and Design Services

  • –  Purpose of the Land Development Code Reform is to address inequities,especially racial equity.
  • –  Plan 2040 looks at housing as well as an interest in equity.
  • –  Consultants looking at land development code with housing focus (3rdparty consultants – Opticose).
  • –  Review of peer cities, historic newspapers, neighborhood plan analysis
  • –  Louisville plays a huge role in land use law. A city-wide ordinance existedthat enforced segregation. Harland Bartholomew – a key figure in zoningfor many cities and drove segregation as a way to keep cities “healthy.”
  • –  Single family development is the majority zoning code. Makes it difficultto create new housing for new residents and address housing issues.
  • –  In the review of code reform, the city is in Phase 1, where they’re makingrecommendations,
  • –  Greg brings up how there are apartment buildings which have been cutinto a sixplex and how it causes neighborhood issues for trash pick up, parking, etc. Jay says his work is mostly complaint based and relies on the community to report issues. He encouraged Greg to call 311 to report a violation.
  • –  Greg brings up how the 2013 neighborhood plan predates the use of airbnbs. Nate brings up how the neighborhood plan is outdated, and asks Jay if his office can help with the redevelopment of the neighborhood plan. Those are handled by the office of advanced planning and Jay will provide the contact information of that office.
  • –  Don talks about how the multi-family units on his street are the homes that are not well kept, are littered, and can present issues with drugs. Jay says ultimately his office makes recommendations but at the end of the day it’s Metro Council who makes the rules.
  • –  Elizabeth suggests another path to equity would be to further encourage and open up more opportunities to single family home ownership. Jay says that’s the type of program that’s been in existence for many years but there are people who do not want to own a home.
  • –  Christy asks if Jay’s office is looking at percentages of multi-family homes in each neighborhood. Jay says they’re not and that the target areas are suburban areas where there isn’t currently any variety in housing types.
  • –  Greg says 20 years ago a small parking lot was developed in the neighborhood as well as homes that needed to be moved to accommodate parking. Discussion is had on the use of parking in the neighborhood.
  • –  Don asks how this discussion would happen in the suburbs.Meeting adjourned at 8:11 PM. Next meeting: June 21st

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