Neighborhood Updates

Thank you to everyone who attended our August meeting. We had representatives from many of the neighborhood bars and restaurants present, as well as neighbors who live in our community. We heard from Councilmember Cassie Chambers Armstrong, Lt. Rob King of LMPD's 5th Division, and ABC Chief Investigator R.T. Watkins regarding the challenges facing our neighborhood, particularly late on weekend nights. A motion had been made to support a closing time of 2:00 a.m. for alcohol sales, and we heard that some bars were proactively closing then already, some bars will be disproportionately harmed by an earlier closing time, including…

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WELCOME TO THE HIGHLANDS!!! This is our neighborhood association page where we’ll post information about our monthly meetings, how to get involved, fun things happening in our hood, and other snippets. Feel free to explore, and if you love your neighborhood and want to get more involved, join at us at our next monthly meeting to inquire about upcoming openings on the board, service opportunities, and events. Check out our calendar for details.